Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Post From Ctina Blah Blah

This is my friend, Meg and I love her dearly (the one on the left in green).

If she ever gets around to posting blogs I'm sure they will be fantastic.  In the meantime I am honored to get her started.  These pics are from our trip to Chicago together.  I call this selection "Completely Obsessed with Signage."  Enjoy!

We didn't stop here but the sign was pretty, sooooo . . . 

I like frogs.

It's a HardRock Cafe.  It deserves a snapshot.

(interesting name for a hotel . . .)

Ahhh.  The reason for our visit to Chicago.  (We had children with us.  No, really, it was for them not us.)

Apparently it would be a sin to skip Navy Pier if you visit Chicago.

The largest grill I've ever seen.  I bet men love this place.

And women love this place.

And this place.  You can never have too much chocolate (okay, maybe in one sitting, but in general - I'm just sayin'.)